Friday, 18 April 2014

52 lists: list your perfect weekend to do list.

  • Waking up on Richard's shoulder, not a alarm in sight.
  • Looking out of the window and finding a sunny, cloudless sky.
  • A lazy brunch out - eggs royale and an iced tea anyone?
  • A day trip - a quaint little village, the beach, the woods...wherever the mood takes us.
  • Dinner in a country pub with a chilled class of pinot!
  • Spending the morning preparing a whole bunch of BBQ food, having friends round in the afternoon to share it.
  • Spending the evening in front of a well stoked chiminea to take the bite off a summer night.

The 52 lists project is organised by Ema over at Made In Hunters. Check out her list here.


  1. Weekends absolutely have brunch written all over them :) (it's on my list too..hehe) Hope you're having a lovely Easter weekend xxx

    1. Ahhh brunch...don't do it enough! Thinking of making it a monthly tradition when I get back to the UK (I don't think brunch is really a thing in Spain?!). Hope you have a great bank holiday and hope the weather stays ok for you guys!
      Grace x