Tuesday, 29 April 2014

52 Lists: list the things you'd do if you won the lottery.

I think it would be a funny thing to win the lottery...I mean, its something that so many people dream of, but really, when presented with a totally life changing sum of money, I think most people would struggle with what to do with it all. I had some inner turmoil just writing the damn list (which shows I would be absolutely useless!). Truly though, I don't think I'd go mad if I had a lot of money - the main thing I was thinking when penning this was 'surely there should be more things here than this?!'. I enlisted the help of my friend Sam, who wasn't helpful at all but came up with a rather spiffing list of her own (posted as a bonus list below - it was too good not to share!).

As for me, Iguess all I'd want would be to make life more comfortable for myself, set some dreams in motion, look after the people who matter most and try and help some others along the way.

  1. First things first...pack up and ship out for a luxury villa holiday with all my family,the Mr and my closest friends. Yes there will be copious amounts of wine and food (cooked by someone else of course!) - girl's got to celebrate ;)
  2. Look after my family - pay off mortgages, put some away for my sister in case she wants to go to uni...
  3. Buy my dream house and decorate it exactly how I'd like it.
  4. Buy a little hotel or guest house...I can just picture how I'd have it - something intimate and friendly!
  5. Start to check off the travel bucket list. So many trips, so little time.
  6. Actively help out some good causes - not just throw money at them but organise galas and public events, be hands on.
*BONUS LIST* written by Sam.
  1. Save many monies for my small sister, and disperse them to her as needed.
  2. Buy my father's house.
  3. Buy my brother his turtle called Mr T (he has wanted that for a really long time).
  4. make a park with flowers and a river and giant chess sets and picnics on demand, with also nice music and sunshines and it would be called the sharing garden for all.
  5. Go to the theatre many times, to see all the things with all the people I love.
  6. Replace my pot of peanut butter which leaked all over everything.
  7. Only eat nice food and drinks from now one, like really nice.
  8. Do some sensible and loving to the world things such as savings and giving to people that need it.
  9. Go to all the places everywhere!
  10. Become a mermaid.*
*Note from Grace: nothing like making realistic goals in life, eh?

The 52 lists project is organised by Ema over at Made in Hunters. Check out her list here.

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