Monday, 7 April 2014

52 Lists: List the things that kick start your soul

I wasn't really sure what to make of this list title. As I put pen to paper, what came out were the things that give me one of two things:
a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy
that 'ready to take on the world'/'refreshed' feeling

So here they are...
  1. Lady Grey tea in a vintage teacup.
  2. Warm spring days (the kind where you can leave your jacket at home).
  3. Spending hours in the kitchen chatting with the girls about nothing and everything. How I miss those!
  4. Using Richard's shoulder as a pillow and his good night kiss on my forehead.
  5. Seeing a picture of my little puppy's face (he is so photogenic I could die!) AND when he curls up on my belly to go to sleep.
  6. That new town feeling - when everything is new to discover and time is stretched before you.
  7. People watching with glass of wine in hand with tapas on its way.
  8. 'I love life' days - where nothing can flatten your mood!
  9. Planning the next adventure.
  10. Walking by the river in the sunshine.
  11. That 'I'm home' feeling - after a long stint abroad, you start to miss the little things about life in your home country. In your first few weeks back even the simple things are so exciting!!
  12. That 'job well done' feeling.
The 52 lists project is organised by Ema over at Made in Hunters. Check out her list here.

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