The Lonely Planet Restaurant Challenge.

23 weeks, 27 restaurants and 3 bars. Can it be done? I guess, we're going to find out.

I have set my self the challenge to eat my way around Lonely Planet Seville...
and you lucky people are coming along for the ride.

So here is the lovely page where you can track my progress along the yellow brick road of tapas...
There will be review links to each restaurant as I go along. If the restaurant has a cross through it, its been checked off the list - if its not yet hyperlinked it's because the review is not yet live!

I hope you enjoy reading about my calorie filled journey!

The List.


Barrio de Santa Cruz, Alcazár and Cathedral
Vinería de San Telmo
Casa Tomate
Restaurante Engaña Oriza
Cafe Bar Las Teresas
Corral del Agua
Restaurante La Albahaca
Extraverde (closed down! Poor show Lonely Planet, poor show!)
Álavaro Peregil
Horno de San Buenaventura

El Arenal
Enrique Becerra
Mesón Cinco Jotas
Mesón de la Infanta (wrong address in Lonely Planet, found it anway)
Mesón Serranito

El Centro
Los Coloniales
Santo Restaurante
Bar Alfafa
Robles Laredo
Bar Europa
Confíteria La Campana
El Rinconcillo

Café de La Prensa (doesn't even have a kitchen!)
Casa Cuesta
Ristorante Cosa Nostra

Alameda de Hércules
Duo Tapas
Bar-Restaurante Eslava

Baños Árabes Tetería (closed down two weeks ago)
Bulebar Cafe
El Garlochi (wrong address in Lonely Planet but found it anyway!)

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