Thursday, 16 July 2015

A new beginning on a new site!

Well, I know what you're thinking...long time no speak!

It's been over a year since I posted on this little site of mine.

I've been wanting to get back in to the blogging game for a while now, but when I visited this page, it made me kind of sad.

Amble is from a different stage in my life and, while it is home to memories and content that I'm proud of, it no longer seems fit for purpose. As a result, I've migrated over to a new corner of the internet that I'm starting to call home.

So if you'd like to come on some new adventures with me (including another move...this time to the Netherlands!) then come and join me over at Between My Passport Pages

A lot of my previous posts have moved across and a couple of new ones are already up.

If you're intrigued about my new blog name, see the story behind it here.

You can also check out my new series called Brunch Talk where we’ll be chatting about anything and everything over, you guessed it, brunch. The first one is about the weirdness that is living in limbo, check it out here.

I'm really excited about starting over and I hope I'll see some of you guys over on the new site or on the facebook page soon

Grace x

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