Monday, 23 June 2014

52 List Super Post

So as you've probably noticed things have been a little quiet around here lately! I've been enjoying some downtime with family, but don't think I've forgotten you - I'll be back with vengeance before you know it. As a result of my own darn laziness, I'm a whole MONTH behind on the lovely Ema's list project (not even counting this week!!). I'm a terrible person but to make it up to you here is a 52 List SUPER POST to start the week off...

  1. Time spent with my girls.
  2. Using Richard's shoulder as a pillow and his good night kiss on my forehead.
  3. My little puppy, his cute little wrinkle and when he curls up on my belly to go to sleep.
  4. That 'I'm home' feeling and time spent with the family.
  5. That 'job well done' feeling.
  6. When the sun breaks through the clouds and it seems like you can see every sunbeam.
  7. Disney films and soppy love films.
  8. Good books read on the sofa accompanied by cups of tea.
  9. Waking up on weekends with no alarm, the sun peaking through the curtains.
  10. Christmas - my favourite holiday, there is no time of year I love more!!
The 52 Lists project is organised by Ema over at Made in Hunters. See her list here.

  1. Start and finish my dissertation.
  2. Polish up my Russian - yep my flights back to the motherland are all booked and paid for! Expect more posts from Russia with love on our return to Moscow!
  3. Getting final year pre-reading done and bracing myself for a year of being chained to a desk in the library.
  4. Move in to my new house.
  5. Go away for a break with Rich (maybe camping :) )
See Ema's list here.

  1. Turning 22 (who wouldn't want their life dictated by a Taylor Swift song for a whole year?!)
  2. Going back to Moscow to see it in the sunshine rather than the snow!!
  3. Seeing my little baby puppy (expect an update on the little rascal soon!)
  4. Seeing my little sister performing - She's got Alice in Wonderland lined up as well as a drama competition at her school.
  5. Returning to Bath in August (god I've missed the South West!) - Cider for all :D
See Ema's list here.

  1. Negative thoughts
  2. Worry
  3. De-motivation
  5. Lots of junk!!
See Ema's list here.

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