Thursday, 8 May 2014

52 Lists: List the things you will do today.

Guess I kinda missed the boat on this one! This list was sent through to us on Monday, presumably with the idea of being a list of wonderful bank holiday plans. 

No bank holidays for us in Andalusia I'm sad to say! Even though my lovely Mr was over to visit, I was working for part of the day, but we didn't let it spoil our fun. 

Without further a do, I shall share with you what we DID on Monday - as its far interesting than any of the boring teacher/adult stuff I have to do to day, let me tell you! 

I apologise for defying you list title, but that's just me - I'm a rebel (read absolute nerd being ironic).

(OR the things you did on Monday cos you don't check your emails as often as you should)
  1. Got up at 8 (leaving Rich to snooze) and planned the day's lessons (3 adult classes and 1 kids group)
  2. Booked a table at a local restaurant so that Rich could try Andalusia's famed choco.
  3. Went out on a walk in the countryside around the village, showing Rich the olive groves.
  4. Stopped for a cold drink in the hotel in between my village and the next - walking in 35 degree heat is thirsty work.
  5. Toddled along to the restaurant to find we were the only people there, had to interrupt the waiter's viewing of a tv western to order.
  6. Received way too much food and were disappointed by the choco - it's a hit and miss game at the best of times.
  7. Went home to teach whilst Rich burnt himself to a pleasing strawberry colour in the garden.
  8. My colleague shooed me out of my final class with the instruction 'Go have fun'.
  9. Not one to not follow orders, I did a quick change, and Rich and I hopped on the bus to witness the opening of the Feria (pictures to come!).
  10. After the light switch on of the main gate and a whistle stop tour of the main public casetas (tents full of drinking and dancing), we settled down for a glass of Rebujito (the traditional drink of the Feria - Manzanilla wine and sprite).
  11. We had to have a power walk back to the bus station in order to catch the last bus back to the village (3am). When we arrived, the bus station was dark and locked.
  12. A authoritative stranger (dressed suspiciously like a bus driver) told us that a security guard would come to let us in soon. Everyone assumed this was our driver.
  13. As minutes turned in to half an hour, the small crowd that had gathered began to disperse in to shared taxis, giving up hope.
  14. We stayed for a further 10 minutes with the authoritative stranger, before he revealed that he was in fact a feria security guard rather than the company representative he had led everyone to believe he was. DOUCHE!
  15. We bundled in to a taxi praying the meter gods would be kind (I live a fair trot from the centre) - in the end, we paid the bargain price of 15€.
  16. We flopped in to bed at gone 4 in the morning, and forwent setting the alarm.
The 52 lists project is organised by Ema over at Made in Hunters. Check out here list here.

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