Thursday, 22 May 2014

52 lists: List the moments you will always remember.

This post has been sitting in my drafts for well over a week now. I guess it's been hard to narrow down a lift time of defining moments in to a list of just a few.  I did my best but I can't help but look at it as being far from comprehensive - there are just too many things unsaid! But I'd rather have a life choc-full of too many moments to share, than one with not one story to tell. 

So here goes, the non comprehensive list of moments I'll always remember.

  • I couldn't have been older than 5 or 6 when we spent my birthday in a caravan in Cornwall. I remember waking up to open my presents and noticing a huge box! My dad had bought me a punch bag (the kind with a metal stand and a circular ball on the top). In the end, I got so good at punching, I could punch the ball right off the top of the stand (not the idea but hey, I was strong!)
  • Crying my eyes out when I let go of my Barbie kite that I was flying on the beach and my Auntie Karen gallantly charging up the cliff face (BAREFOOT) after it AND getting it back. If memory serves, it was too mangled to fly again but SUPER KAREN!
  • Christmas at my Nan's house when my cousins and I were little, playing chocolate boardgames after dinner.
  • Singing solo in the Royal Albert Hall in front of about four thousand people, royally screwing it up, coming off stage and not being able to go back on as I felt so physically sick!
  • In Chile, walking home with Nick both more than slightly worse for wear after one to many pisco and cokes and stopping to look at the stars, one eye closed, with one thumb over the street light.
  • Being on a train to my job as a Sales Assistant in GAP and getting the phone call to say that I'd got the job as a Thomson and First Choice Holiday Advisor (rep, to you and I). I was grinning from ear to ear when I arrived and couldn't tell anyone why!
  • One of my first proper dates with Richard. After he picked me up, we got lost and drove in circles for about 2 hours, having to stop every 10 minutes as an urgent warning flashed on the car dash board. Knowing I love Christmas, he intended to take me to a carol concert in the beautiful Wells Cathedral - which turned out to be a full on Catholic mass! After the getting lost palava, the second stop (ice skating) was cancelled as the rink had already closed. The cutest plan, ruined by bad luck!!
  • My hair freezing SOLID after a bright idea to go out in Russia, in winter, with wet hair. The purple legs were also a highlight. 
The 52 lists project is organised by Ema over at Made in Hunters. Check out her list here.

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  1. Hah... You didn't expect that -12С is really cold =) If memory serves you even caught a cold that day!
    These moments are insignificant severally, but they are so important for us... They all are pieces of puzzle which is called "life" ;-)