Tuesday, 11 February 2014

52 lists: List your to-do list this week.

As a participant of this project of ours, what I am about to say may sound slightly perverse. 

I am totally averse to to-do lists
...I know, I 'll give you a second or two to recover from the shock. 

About a year ago, determined to be a more conscientious, hard working student, I purchased a to-do list book (from Paper Chase, no less!).  I had grand notions of productivity and imagined feeling that satisfaction that to-do list pros describe when talking about crossing out completed tasks. Alas, my flirtation with the idea was short lived. I got no pleasure out of it. The lists got longer and longer, the ticks of completion appeared less and less often and I got more and more stressed.

It turns out making lists doesn't suddenly give you the superhuman qualities that the perfect version of you would possess. 


As an ESL teacher, you often don't have a clue what will happen hour by hour (or even minute by minute) but some how time still passes: classes work out somehow and you survive another day. Days pass, the week ends and a lot of the time you don't know where it went or what you did! A dreadful cycle - one I definitely need to snap out of quick!

Maybe a to-do list intervention is needed to find a balance between all my lives? My ESLteacher/placement life, my study/dissertation life, my explorer life and my social life (which is currently non existent). Just for you guys, I'll give it a half hearted bash!

1. Sort dissertation work in to my new folder and do questionnaire analysis up to question 8.

2. Do something blog worthy then write about it (I was rained in all weekend!! Andalucía has 0 wet weather activities)

3. Crack on reading 'The Book Thief' in Spanish.

4. Open the grammar book.

5. Paint my nails (to prevent biting them all off again - damn nervous habit!).

6. Spend some lazy time with an eye mask on (the poor little buggers are so tired!)

7. Find a group general hobby/friend making activity and vow to take part next week. 

8. Make the Banana and Nutella Cheesecake before I eat all the Nutella with a spoon!

9. Find some activities to add to my games box for the children at work.

10. Work out a way to celebrate Valentine's day long-distance (Idea's of Skype dates welcome!)

The 52 lists project is organised by Ema over at Made in Hunters. See her list here.

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