Wednesday, 19 February 2014

52 Lists: List the good things about your town

Ask a languages student about their town...go on, I dare you! Your reply could consist of:
1. grumbles and groans as they try to select a town
2. a list of 3 towns with pros and cons of each one. 

We are children of the world - we have our home town, our uni town and the town in which we currently reside, which one would you like a summary of?!

Despite the fact my uni town (Bath) and my current town (Seville) are both infinitely more interesting, I have chosen to delight you with a few facts about my home town.

If anyone asks me where I'm from, my automatic response is London. 1. It sounds far more glamorous. 2. Avoids the 'I've never heard of it, where's that?' scenario.

I, in fact, reside right out in zone 6 (the wild outer fringes of Greater London). In reality, two steps left and I would be in Kent! It's not the best of places, it may have a bit of a reputation in the area but it's home! So here goes...Orpington represent.

  1. Due to the lack of any decent shops on the high street (it's a charity shop and estate agent haven), we have an abundance of amazing restaurants. Most notably: Fiesta Mexicana, Xi'an Chinese, Ephesus Mediterranean.
  2. Jo Johnson is our MP. He is Boris Johnson's brother (Mayor of London). Occasionally, this brings the floppy haired, walking disaster zone to our lowly town, which is good for comic value, if nothing else.
  3. Nugent Retail Estate, which has bought both Nandos, Debenhams and TK Max in to our lives - enough said really.
  4. Our Wetherspoon's on the High Street, normally frequented on Tuesdays (for Steak Club), which is rough but always welcomes us for hours on end, with our sometimes questionable topics of discussion.
  5. It's proximity to London - A 15 minute fast train out of this dump, YAY!
  6. It's where I grew up and made some of the best friends a girl could ever wish for.
  7. No matter how scummy it is, it will always be home.

The 52 lists project is organised by Ema over at Made in Hunters. See her list here.

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