Sunday, 12 January 2014

52 Lists: List your favourite moments of 2013

So this post has been sitting in draft mode for most of the week...the challenge (from Emma over at Made in Hunters) to list my favourite moments of 2013 seems all to great (her list: here!) What a year...and one very hard to sum up in a few short lines. Alas, I shall give it my best shot.

1. Getting the exact placement I wanted for the Spanish half of my year abroad (which will be underway in less than two weeks now - Sevillian adventures coming soon of course!)

2. Sitting in the sun with numerous ciders after our last exam of second year, blowing off the cobwebs gained from being in the library for what felt like years.
3.My surprise tea party my parents threw me for my 21st birthday - there is only one way to drink champagne and that is out of matching china darling!
4. All the fun and laughs that Rich and I had over summer including but not limited to:

  • breaking my new jeweled flip flops, knee deep in mud whilst fossil hunting on the South Coast...then having to buy awful (cerise pink) waterproof shoes as a replacement.
  • getting my hair caught in the tent zip one morning on our camping trip to Wales...which Rich proceeded to photograph and upload instead of helping me
(Actually the more I think about it the more I realise that Rich comes up with the stupid ideas and I end up the victim of all the mishaps that arise from carrying them out....but that, I suppose, is another story)

5. A lovely mini-break to Padstow for my mummy's birthday!
6. Being asked to contribute to Scriptoeris and rekindling my love of writing

7. All of our only in Russia moments (which you can read about HERE)

8. Curtain up on Le Sylphide at the Bolshoi Theatre
9. Getting our diplomas after a semester of hard work, making new friends and vast language improvement at Voronezh State University
10. Being reunited with friends, family and Rich for celebrations over the festive period...and I suppose meeting a new family member the Max puppy (even if he is a menace!)

So there it is...the 2013 mini round up (though there are a million other things that could be said). I'm hoping that 2014 version in a years time may be easier what with a line-a-day diary AND a memory jar project on the go.

Here's to another great year with a million moments to be shared.

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