Wednesday, 22 January 2014

52 Lists: List the things that remind you of home

This is an interesting list topic for me, the girl with wanderlust. Travelling so much makes you take a look at where home you define home to be. Is home your country? Is it where you grew up, your familial home? Is it where you lay your hat (or, as someone who looks awful in hats, your suitcase?)? To me, home seems to encompass all of these things.

Though I don't spend as much time as I'd like there, here are the things that remind me of my familial home in London.

  • Arriving in to London Paddington and thinking 'I've missed this place' then 10 minutes later, after being elbowed in the face on the Bakerloo line, asking myself 'why did I miss this place again?'.
  • Being woken up with a cup of tea, which is always left to go cold when I doze off again.
  • The busy gaggle that arrives around 6pm after a day of work or school (my dad smelling of concrete, my mum weighed down my office papers and bags of food shopping, my sister with her headphones in).
  • Bank holiday BBQs usually cooked by Dad...under an umbrella in the rain - such is life in the UK.
  • Singing - along to musicals or at random intervals most likely in sync with my sister.
  • Blanket snuggles on the sofa.
  • Together times: family dinners around the table and cramming on to sofas for customary tele watching.
  • (Much to my mother's dismay) messy bedroom floors (mostly mine...but my sister now seems to be catching up).
  • The glint of the street light through my blinds at night time.
  • The fridge inspection that takes place each time I return home (food that I didn't have to buy/have missed on my travels...score!)
  • Going for steak on Tuesdays with one of my only friends that still lives in my home town.
52 lists is a project organised by Ema over at Made in Hunters: check out her list here.

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