Monday, 13 January 2014

52 lists: List the things you do on a rainy day.

With the weather been as it has - for those of you that don't live in the UK, it has been DIRE! - I think Ema has picked an apt topic for this weeks list...

Being a lady of leisure until my next placement starts, most days are rather chilled but rainy days are particularly lazy affairs.
  1. Resolve to not leave the house under any circumstances.
  2. Stay in my pyjamas, slippers and dressing gown all day long.
  3. Snuggle under the duvet until hunger or thirst drive me out of bed.
  4. Drink a cup of lady grey.
  5. Catch up on day time trash TV (not that I will have missed much!)
  6. Spent more time than is sensible on Bloglovin.
  7. Dream of sunnier climes and plan ridiculous holidays I can't afford...
  8. Put off all generally sensible ways I could spend a day in the house like sorting out the paperwork or doing other boring things I have to do now that I'm an 'adult' (inverted comma's as I use the term rather loosely).
  9. Plan to become a domestic goddess and have illusions that the Nigella recipe I will be making later might actually turn out like the picture.
  10. After *insert cooking related disaster here*, sit down with a glass of wine and vow to one day have someone to do the cooking on my behalf.


  1. Haha, this sounds like my absolute perfect rainy day! Actually, it pretty much sounds like every Sunday spent with a hangover in my house!

    1. It sounds like a pretty good hangover cure to me. This is pretty much my lazy every day reality at the moment :1. because it always rains in England and 2. I have literally nothing better to do! Going back to work next week will be a shock and half!