Monday, 10 March 2014

52 lists: List the things you want to make

  1. A cup of tea to warm my chilly hands!
  2. better use of my time - I'm such a procrastinator/lazy bum! I have a pile of dissertation work and Spanish books to work through but spend my life clicking through the internet mindlessly, or spending a million hours to perfect on one tiny task.
  3. at least 100 DIYs for a whole range of things - from light up headboards to cross stitch necklaces! I always favourite them but never get round to actually making any of them: 1. I don't have anywhere to put interior design related DIYs (which are my faves) and 2. I am horrifically clumsy and would probably do myself and injury with any kind of craft tool.
  4. banana cupcakes - unfortunately someone ate the last banana, dammit.
  5. new friends through new hobbies - though I'm not sure 9am fitness classes are the best form of socialising!
  6. more amazing memories during my year abroad - I'm planning a list of road trips as long as my arm to explore the south of Spain, when they will come to fruition nobody knows!
  7. a game plan - as the end of third year comes creeping, the dreaded word career has to enter my vocabulary as the prospect of fourth year job applications loom. More importantly, I have to plan how we're going to celebrate my lovely Mr's special birthday later this year, and a holiday to celebrate graduation when it finally rolls around.

The 52 Lists project is organised by Ema over at Made in Hunters. See her list here.

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